Saturday, November 20, 2010

Intuitive Painting/ Drawing: Diptych I

Above is this first large diptych, 6' x 4', with detail shots.

As I began this painting, I started these panels as separate pieces. In my late summer meeting with my mentor, she felt there was a strong connection between the two and asked me to think about these panels as a diptych. I had already started the 2nd, or at that point I thought the 3rd large painting, as a diptych. So in the process of the 1st panels, merged these as one piece.

We also discussed at that meeting, the possibility of treating the surface different in the drawing stage, and not to cover the painted canvas completely but to leave some area without the drawing.
I decided on this piece to start on the bottom with a softer lead, and progress towards the top with a harder lead, leaving the very top with no lead, allowing only the painted layers to be seen.

I feel a sense of satisfaction having completed this 1st large painting, and I think it may be the largest painting I have ever undertaken. I like working larger and more sustained, but I like drawing on top of the painted layers with the underground of the Rives printmaking paper, I think more than the canvas.

I might try painting on linen next semester with these Intuitive paintings, to see if that makes a difference for me in the feel of the pencil on the painted layers.

I have enjoyed making strides in my brush selection and varied whites and silvers through the semester. Reflecting on the paintings at the Phillips Collection back in late June, I feel a sense of serendipity in getting to view Pousette-Dart's Predominantly White paintings. It is kind of strange because I feel like I saw some of his works when I was a young adult artist, and attempted to employ a similar technique years ago, but within figurative work. It confirms to me that empathy we are called to as artists, through media, style, technique and subject matter.

Although my mentor has been supportive of my art hero thread, she feels these Intuitive works are where my strength lies, in revealing who I really am as an artist. While I feel very supported in that thought, I am not ready to release my other pursuits. I look forward to the residency to get critical feedback to assist my analysis and direction.

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