Saturday, November 20, 2010

Intuitive Painting: Diptych II in progress

Here is a photo of Intuitive Painting: Diptych II in progress. This painting is approximately 6' x 4'. There are 2 1/2 layers of paint on the painting thus far. The silver is darker, using a different silver/ Gamblin brand. This painting has an underground of color on the panels which is inverted and that I will play into with the pencil layer(s) in its final process. The painting will receive 1 1/2 more layers and then dry before applying drawing to its surface.

I am hoping to complete one more large diptych within this semester. My daughter is in the process of moving into her own abode, so I will soon be able to use her vacant bedroom as a painting studio and vacate our dining room as a make-shift painting studio.

Considering the relationship of these paintings to my other work throughout the semester. I have thoughts to express about these connections. As I feel these paintings are visual prayers, I may like to explore the idea of creating prayer homages for my art heroes. Contemplating through the 'image and spirit' how my next pieces within this approach may be carried out. I like idea of Jungian psychology and spirituality in conveying homage through both objective and subjective means.

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