Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Faith: still in progress

Well I finally finished assembling and soldering my murrini portrait of Faith. The photograph is shows the piece lying flat, still on the workboard. A good amount of reflective light from the glass inhibits seeing all the murrini and millefiori. Problems still abound. Upon lifting the panel into the light, a few cracks are apparent in some of the pieces. One of the three will be easier to repair. My conclusion after working with this technique on two pieces, is that this process is not suitable for the copper foil technique (cft). I conclude that the soldering within the 'cft' messes with the annealing of the fused pieces. I do like the aesthetic though of the fused pieces comprising the portrait composition. If I continue with this thread, I may attempt it as a mosaic of the fused elements laminated on a clear sheet, versus leading the elements together.

In the future, I may also try a pure mosaic with just the murrini/millefiori without the fusing process.

I will attempt to repair this piece and re-fuse the 3 cracked pieces, but it is walking on eggshells.
At least I can say, I worked hard to this conclusion. I could always patch the broken pieces, but would like to see it beautifully and wholly intact, if this is possible.

I am documenting it now, because the future is not known.

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