Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Intuitive Drawing/Painting: 7th piece

Here is my 7th Intuitive Drawing/ Painting with 3 detail shots. Each of these paintings has been 22 x 28". I am beginning larger works using this strand, so this is the last of these at this size. Seven is a holy number. I have enjoyed working on these, and I think the works in reality are stronger than they photograph.... or at least with my photographs.

I have contemplated a lot if they are prayers as I initially intended. I think that they are offered as such. I am not sure I am always prayerful when creating them. I had a good friend who passed a few weeks ago, and found out after the fact. I missed her services, and am greatly sorrowed about that. I started thinking about her with these last paintings, and the scripture , "In my house there are many mansions". I thought well perhaps I am making a painting for her room. My friend was a patron of my work, and had brought so much to my life that I am grateful for. I will miss her.
Rest in peace Dear 'M'.

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