Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mom's Always Watching: Murrini test tile

I completed this test tile, 10 x 10", about a week ago, but have been so wound up with painting to clear my studio for glasswork, that I forgot about it. I will be starting a next murrini portrait of Faith Ringgold. I feel good success with this test tile. This test tile fused the murrini to effetre clear sheet glass, which I finally found available and is the first time it is being used. It is of my mother done with the same palette of murrini as the piece brought to Residency 1. However, I worked from a drawing instead of a posterized photograph. Initially, I wasn't sure about it, but I like the surface painting done with vitreous paints to punch in the darks. I think this will be helpful to me as I complete. It is definitely a piece that needs daylight to work. This helps to confirm for me, if these pieces are intended for daylight.

So I am ready now to plunge forward with Faith as a 22 x 28" glass piece, utilizing all the constructive criticism from Residency 1. Although I am starting on a glass piece I am continuing to draw and paint.

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