Thursday, May 16, 2013

American Glass Now: 2013

Brunch with Gabriele, 22" x 42", Stained glass assemblage

So excited to be travelling to St. Augustine for the American Glass Guild conference and to be exhibiting in the American Glass Now: 2013 exhibition, that is being held at the St. Augustine Artist Guild Gallery.

The exhibit is our 2nd annual juried exhibition and this year juried by Dr. Virginia Raguin and Dr. Ena Heller.

Artist statement for my piece:  Brunch with Gabriele grows out of a seductive fixation on women artists whose lives were muted by the hegemony of their male dominated world. This portrait of Gabriele Münter, converses in part with her painting - Breakfast with the Birds - that hangs in the collection of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC. Münter was jilted by the painter, Wassily Kandinsky, who not only short-changed her personal life, but also her life as an artist. My intent as an artist, within my stained-glass portraiture, is to heighten an awareness of female artists as heroines. Making an analogy through a medium that uses iconic imagery and symbolism, synonymous with the inherent and historical nature of the material. Through a relationship of biographical and visual dialogue, a maternal meta-narrative is conceived. New synergies are crafted from both opaque and transparent structures through expressive assemblage of antique glass, vitreous painting and vitreous femmage. 

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