Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Guerilla Girl 3: Vitreous Painting on Glass

Okay so my archive is coming down homestretch with 38 portraits now complete. I have just completed my 3rd Guerilla Girl, just in time to finally be able to view the !WAR (Women's Art Revolution) film next week at Salem College. This film, I believe, was released this past summer while I was at my 3rd residency in Boston. It is a film which travels to nationwide destinations upon request. So I am ecstatic at the opportunity to finally view it!

The evening was an interesting one: I went to my first Artworks Gallery members meeting and am excited to be a part of this group. I finally feel I have found my place here in Winston Salem. So I am in a celebration mode synchronized with the Guerilla Girls mission.

I really kind of like painting some of these Guerilla Girls, allowing me to have some fun and lightheartedness with all of this serious revolution philosophy. Guerilla Girl 3 is depicted in amber yellow, donning a yellow rose in her hair, and munching on an iconic banana. I am painting the Guerilla Girls on varied colors representative of a classification within the art canon. I am hoping to complete one more... I think on the rose color.

I had fun painting Frida's monkey last night as well, which will be included in the stained glass assemblage that is being completed. You will have to be patient to view this little monkey, until the work is complete.

You can view the 38 portraits now complete of my Uomini Famosi at: https://picasaweb.google.com/113967877601706753492/UominiFamosi_VitreousPaintingsonGlass#

You can learn more about the !WAR (Women's Art Revolution) at: http://womenartrevolution.com/

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