Sunday, June 19, 2011

AIB MFA Residency 3

So I have been in Boston since Thursday. Currently I have had two critiques, and just finished my critique with Hannah Barrett, my last semester adviser. I feel it went well with some constructive criticism.

It is wonderful to finally see my Uomini Famosi archive, that is in formation up on the wall, and to be realized as an installation artist. It is self-fulfilling to reflect on the past year of work on the program and see where I have come from, and contemplate where I will be going. My next semester's adviser will be Ben Sloat. We had a group lunch yesterday. I am interested in working with an artist/professor who is well adept with conceptual and installation work.

This morning I co-led/ taught the Blog workshop with Teresa Bonilla. I took some photos at the workshop but accidentally deleted these attempting to place them in a file on a desktop here.
It always seems it is two steps forward, three steps back with things.

If you would like to see the album of my residency, please visit:

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