Saturday, May 14, 2011

Homage to Kollwitz: Last layer of white

Pieta: Homage to Kollwitz, 4 x 8', oil & photo-montage on linen

Well I have finished painting on this homage to Kollwitz and now need to let it dry a couple of weeks before I draw on it. I am also currently drawing on my homage to Munter, which I should complete later today.
It has been really thought provoking to look back at my stages and processes of these paintings, something which I have just really invested time and energy in, starting this semester. In the past I would mostly just allow the end painting to speak for itself, but collecting all these images of the stages where you can see them linearly helps me to analyze my technique.
Along the way with this painting, Homage to Kollwitz, I have thought about stopping at a specific stage a few times, pondering whether I liked it enough to call it finished, or whether I might ruin it if I kept adding the layers, I initially intended.

But then I would go back to my original thesis of following a technique and process that I am desiring to continue and refine, so I would talk myself back into that commitment and perseverance to the original vision.
So I have done it... now I just need to allow it to dry before drawing on it.
I so wonder what Poussette-Dart would think. I have thought numerous times about analyzing his technique and process. Mine has varied a different way, but the original vision was inspired by his.

These paintings demonstrate to me, how much I have grown as an artist through this program. They have taken me to a place that I feel more challenges, expressiveness, but also less secure. I am anticipating how the next stage will alter its present state, and how I will determine its final success.

To see the 12 stages of this painting visit:

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