Saturday, May 14, 2011

Homage to Gabriele

Homage to Gabriele, oil on canvas with graphite, 4 x 8'

My homage to Gabriele Münter is finally finished. This, one of the two large sustained paintings I am undertaking this semester. The layers between painting extend the process and duration of the painting.

I am pleased that it is finally complete. I always love to photograph the paintings afterwards because it gives you a perspective that is somewhat varied from the reality. All of art is so dependent on ambient light or the lighting within the environment where the work is shown.
My mentor commented during one of her visits that the painting looks almost like a color field painting in the photograph. I commented back that it kind of is within the underground.

That is something I most enjoyed and learned by viewing Pousette-Dart's, Predominantly White Paintings, that the underlying color enhances the layers of white and textured form.
I love the varied qualities of the painting of the subjectivity to the overall form, to the abstractness within the details of light, dark, translucency of color and form.

I love the process of drawing over the painting, after it is dry. It is very ritualistic, allowing a kind of Zenlike activity. ... Very good for the soul!

I see this painting as something that could feed into a potential series. A meta-narrative series on female artists that had tumultuous relationships with male artist mates. I can think of at least a handful more, I would like to portray.

You can view the stages of this painting at:

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