Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Little Diversion

I have taken a little diversion with my work from the homages, and the Uomini Famosi- my ladies. Coming into the program, I had a desire to work more loosely with the concept of my 'Art Heroes' and during Critical Theory I, I had an idea for a piece devoted to the 'Happenings' guys: Claes Oldenburg, Red Grooms and Jim Dine.

I am starting on a triptych of the 'Happenings' guys that I will integrate the title and text, "We Three Kings: Red, Jim, Claes". The idea for this piece has stuck with me, and would like to pursue it this semester, as I know next semester even more cohesiveness, and the narrowing of my concept and direction will be needed. So 'carpe diem', the time is ripe to bring it into fruition!

The image above depicts 'Claes' in progress.

You can see the progress of this piece at:

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