Sunday, April 3, 2011

Käthe Kollwitz: Vitreous Femmage

Käthe Kollwitz: Vitreous Femmage, 10" x 10"

Oi... this one like to never get done! I painted and re-fused it so many times, I ended up sandblasting it back down. I re-fused it once more then repainted and re-fired it again. The surface has a strange texture on parts like it is blistered, which is very strange. Nothing like that should have occurred, just bringing the temperature of the kiln to the maturing point for the vitreous paint. It also looks like it cracked again but re-fused. So I am calling this one: "Käthe Kollwitz: Blistered and Broken"

There is something kind of supernatural going on with this one.

Maybe I am feeling this way because I went to see the "Black Swan" last night. I was kind of freaked out that the 'black swan' was named 'Nina', the name of the woman Kandinsky jilted Gabriele for. It seems like there are odd and weird connections within things I am experiencing.

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