Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Faith Ringgold: Vitreous Painting on Glass

Faith Ringgold

8x 10", Vitreous Painting on Glass

As a final painting on glass with vitreous paints this semester, I have revisited Faith Ringgold. At the outset of investigating portraiture through the medium of vitreous painting, I did not envision working with my Art Heroes. But the more I painted and started to come up with ideas for a thread of portraits, I decided that I should at least do a few.

I do not want to get too far along with developing this thread until after my second residency which is upcoming in a few weeks. I am pleased to see how far I have come with these portraits. I have enjoyed working with these, and hope to be able to do more.

I have dialogued about Faith a few times prior in my blogging this semester through the charcoal portrait of her as well as the murrini portrait. It only seemed fitting to complete Faith in a vitreous painting as well.

For me, Faith epitomizes the concept for my Uomini Famosi: My female art heroines are ones that have made strides within their lifetime to express or communicate something that the world needs or needed to hear. These heroines should not be forgotten, and as the Uomini Famosi of the heroes' portraits of the Middle Ages, that lined the palace walls, so should these heroines line the walls of the museum.

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