Thursday, December 16, 2010

Diptych II: Intuitive Painting/Drawing

Diptych II: Intuitive Painting/Drawing on canvas, 6'x 4'
(Painting with two details)

Early in the semester with my first meeting with my mentor, she seemed to like these paintings more than anything else I was exploring. We discussed later at our 4th meeting that with the larger pieces, these diptychs I was beginning that I might leave areas which would not be drawn on. Out of all the intuitive painting/ drawings I have completed this semester, this one is my least favorite. I do not like this new silver I have been using this time. I feel it leaves the painting too dark, for the lightness and ethereal sense, I was trying to achieve in these, nor feel a sense of success as within the other prior paintings.
My treatment with the overlying pencil in this one, I do not feel gratified with. I have learned a little about what works best, and does not work with these paintings. I would like to attempt at least one more diptych next semester, but then a lot is dependent right now on how my critiques develop and what kind of feedback I get.
My prayer for this one is an intercessory homage for my soul sisters, those that have struggled with breast cancer. I have known so many friends, especially lately, that have lost their battle. This painting was completed the night before Elizabeth Edwards passed. As I looked at it that evening, I struggled with whether it was complete or not. As and an analogy, this is a little bit like life, we do not know when we are done.
This piece does not have the harmony as the others do, and I think my dislike is also analogous to life, we are not always in harmony, and all of life is not always beautiful or peaceful.

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