Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Focused Nature: Fig Tree

I am an artist that desires to enjoy the process of creating as much as I desire the success of its outcome.

Drawing and painting outdoors directly was something I was introduced to as an undergraduate, grew to love and my painting is what led me to my glasswork, as well.
My first thesis years ago, I used my paintings from direct observation to inform and translate into glass. I am interested in revisiting this process, although I believe now that each art form has its own life.
I do love working outdoors and enjoy recording the intensities of color that nature provides. The fig tree is personally symbolic for me, and evokes personal memory of generations passed.
I am too close to having completed this painting to objectively assess its success. I think though, I enjoyed the process more than I am pleased with its outcome. But pleased enough to know how to successfully translate it into a glass piece.

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