Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Moving Along

Homage to O'Keeffe (In progress), 3 x 5",
Underpainting and first layers of white and silver

I haven't been as dedicated this semester to my blog for all the time and energy needed to the completion of my thesis. My thesis is complete, and turned in. Yay!!! My thoughts now are with my Group 5 friends and colleagues who are still working to complete their submissions. It is a big push!!!

I have been producing a little, but this semester has been distracted with writing, revising, assessing and resubmissions.

Last semester within my artwork, outside of continuing with the progression of my Uomini Famosi: Archive of Women Artists, was a fixation on Frida. Each semester in addition to the Uomini Famosi archive, I have taken the opportunity to fixate on a women artist, as a meta-narrative to my work. In past semesters I have fixated also on Kathe Kollwitz, Gabriele Munter and Lee Krasner.

My Frida Fixation is on display this month as a 'spotlight' at Artworks Gallery, a local gallery that I was juried into last Fall. I have shown a few pieces with them since December, but this is essentially my debut to the gallery. The gallery hop is this Friday, and I am excited at being a part of our thriving Downtown Artist District / art community. See my link to see photos of my part of the exhibit this month.

This semester I have chosen to fixate on Georgia O'Keeffe. O'Keeffe has been a large influence to my work in the past, so it is only appropriate to provide a homage to her this semester. Herein, a painting I have begun that is in progress. I have plans to create a charcoal drawing to inform a stained glass assemblage, and also a vitreous femmage. I am not sure these will be complete by the end of the semester, or my graduation, but will bring me back home to some focused work for the summer months. I am planning to show these potential pieces this Fall in a group show at Artworks.

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