Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Homage to Frida: Stained Glass

Homage to Frida (More Progress)

Well I saved working more on this stained glass assemblage until my goal for my archive for the semester was complete. As a result it is not finished. I never intended to actually take this piece to residency, it is just too risky. I will work another night on it to bring it closer to completion, but it is clear it will not be done until I return from Boston.

I need to get it done though. Pam Toll, my current mentor artist, wants it in the No Boundaries exhibit on 1/27 and I would also like to exhibit this piece in my solo exhibit at Salem College, which opens on 2/9.

I know I am pushing it. But this is such a nice problem to have spaces and places to exhibit my work. This was one of my primary reasons for pursuing an MFA, to take a breather from so many years of mostly ecclesiastical commissions and installations to working on autonomous and self sustaining art for exhibition.

To view my progress on this piece:

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