Saturday, December 17, 2011

Yoko Ono: Vitreous Painting on glass

Yoko Ono, Vitreous painting on glass, 8 x 10”

Yoko Ono

February 18 1933 - present

Since the beginning of her prolific career, Yoko Ono has consistently been a pioneer in developing new art forms, moving freely beyond and between the genres, from the avant-garde to Pop. Her profoundly social art aims to involve the viewer as an active participant and to break down longstanding distinctions between art and everyday life.

Ono has been credited with being one of the originators of Conceptual Art, and during the 1960s Ono was a key participant in many of the innovations of the New York, Tokyo, and London vanguards, including Fluxus and underground film and performance which laid the groundwork for major developments in the music andperformance art of the later part of the century.

When she married John Lennon in 1969, the couple made use of the media coverage surrounding their honeymoon to campaign for world peace, a theme that suffused many of the collaborative pieces they later created. Ono’s work in the 1990s addressed themes of change, survival, and time. From the 1980s to the present her artwork has been shown internationally in one-woman shows and retrospectives. YES Yoko Ono, Ono’s major retrospective show, has earned critical acclaim and traveled throughout the United States and Canada and more recently to Europe, Korea and Japan, where it concluded the worldwide tour.

Reflecting on her reputation for being outrageous, Ono smiles and says, "I do have to rely on my own judgment, although to some people my judgment seems a little out of sync. I have my own rhythm and my own timing, and that's simply how it is."

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