Friday, December 23, 2011

Homage paintings to Frida and Krasner finally completedH

So I finally, after nearly a semester of work, finally completed my homage paintings to Krasner and Frida.

Each painting is mixed media with a photo montage, chalk pastel ground, underpainting, over-painting, and graphite drawing. Layers of white and silver paint with weeks of drying time in between accompanied the process within these paintings.

My technique grew out of an exploration with intuitive abstract expressionist painting inspired by Richard Pousette-Dart's, Predominantly White Paintings, viewed at the Phillips Collection during my first semester of work. Though my work has changed significantly since those first explorations, I still use layers of pastel color and paint before drawing over the textural painted surface.

My mentor this semester, Pam Toll, in her first critique of my work this semester, viewing completed paintings of last semester, suggested I use more value with the graphite in their last stage.
Each painting is 3 x 5'.

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