Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pieta: After Kollwitz

Pieta: After Kollwitz (An Homage to Kaethe Kollwitz), Oil and photo montage with graphite on linen, 4 x 8'

My homage to Kollwitz is finally complete. Photographs above of the painting and its final composition with details following below. I am entitling it Pieta, as her original print which it references, is sometimes entitled Pieta, sometimes it is entitled, Woman with Dead Child. I am pleased with it, and it is interesting to look back at the stages of the painting, going from a very dark painting to one that is much lighter. I continue to really enjoy drawing into the layers as a technique juxtaposing the traditional order of a painting, from painting to drawing.

I just had my last meeting with my mentor artist, Glenda Wharton. We just had a visit a couple of weeks ago, having gotten off track just a little. But we re-looked at just about everything over the course of the semester. I have really enjoyed my semester, her visits and critiques. I think this is one of the strongest attributes of the program, is working with established contemporary artists of your preference and University approval.

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