Saturday, March 12, 2011

Progress on Paintings: Homages to Munter and Kollwitz

I have worked on two of my Homage paintings to Munter and Kollwitz. Above are some details. You can see the stages of these paintings at:

Munter- Oil on canvas, 4 x 6'

At the outset of the day I thought I would be layering another silver, but used an iridescent white and loved the warmth it added to the painting. So I have decided this will be my last layer of paint. I will allow it to dry and then draw with layers of graphite.

Kollwitz- Oil on linen, 4 x 6'

I find the colors very garish, but I am wanting this painting to have a haunting effect with layering of photo transfer collage into the painted surfaces with images from the Holocaust, poverty and hunger circa World War II.
I have referenced Kollwitz' lithograph, Pieta, in this painting, otherwise entitled Woman with a Dead Child.

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