Saturday, February 26, 2011

2nd Meeting with Mentor today/ 1st layer of silver on Munter Homage painting

Homage to Munter (in progress) / 1st layer of silver, oil on canvas, 4' x 6'
See link of stages of this painting at:

I had my 2nd meeting with my mentor, Glenda Wharton, today. I had an intense time sharing all my work with her that I have completed thus far, and that is in process, than when we met a month ago. All my work is unified around a concept that is deepening, going in varied tangents of media. Discussion and formative critique bear additional ideas for exploration and expression. I felt as if it was a positive session with affirming feedback on my progress thus far. We are planning to meet again before the mid-term evaluation due on 3/25, and before my trip to NYC that I am leading with my students, March 25-29.
Glenda gave me some feedback, advice and expectations on an exploration of an idea that sprung from my research on paintings aesthetics from Lee Krasner to Julian Schnabel and my current explorations with planned works of painting/collage/photo transfer, and would like to see me experiment with that idea on a smaller scale. I doubt I will be able to propel in that direction before our next meeting, but definitely will begin to do so, probably in early April.

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