Friday, November 5, 2010

John Michael Talbot: Vitreous Painting on Glass

John Michael Talbot, Vitreous Painting on Glass, 8 x 10"

John Michael Talbot is a Franciscan musician who I have enjoyed over the years and his spirituality inspired my desire to seek becoming a Secular Franciscan. Talbot is also a Secular Franciscan and we follow the Rule of the Franciscan Third Order.

I have seen Talbot perform a couple of times, as well. He usually performs acoustic guitar as a solo vocalist. You can learn more about his biography and ministry at:

My reference for this portrait is one that is different than I am used to, remembering him as a younger man. He must have grown his hair out in more recent years. At first I resisted this more recent image, but the chiaroscuro kept calling me back to this image of him. The painting reminds me of images of Father God or an older Moses. Perhaps that is visually what Talbot is trying to convey.

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