Friday, October 22, 2010

Little Unspoken Prayer

This little 5 x 7' Intuitive Painting/Drawing I have completed for MFA colleague Jeff Eberling, and a fundraiser project he is coordinating for the Art Lab 9 in Mason City, IA.

I call this a Little Unspoken Prayer. I have continued to think about these Intuitive painting/drawings as prayers. My theory research has been consumed this semester with my Uomini Famosi thread, but I have sooo enjoyed this strand of my work as well.

I have been thinking about the connections of this thread to my other work, and have some ideas about how these threads might intersect, but need to support it with research. I have completed some initial supportive research, however not articulated as of yet.

I haven't posted any of the larger works of this thread yet, since the summer months concluded, as these are still in progress. The works in this strand have become large, and this little one here, is a sizeable contrast to the 6 foot diptychs/ Intutive paintings/ drawings I am currently working on, in addition to the sustained Uomina Famosa piece of Faith Ringgold in process.
... Ode to more exploration, or perhaps I should say re-exploration as (my) landscape painting translated into glass was my first thesis when working on my MA at the University of the Arts/ Philadelphia (early 80s). I am heading to Roanoke, Va. this weekend to paint outdoors in the mountains of the Blueridge Parkway. I revelled in preparing my canvases, priming these with rabbit skin glue and white lead (lead oil ground). These are materials are ones that I haven't used in many years, after being so focused on my glasswork. With art materials being so focused more recently on non-toxicity, these were also more difficult to locate. Thanks to Tony Apesos for pointing me in some directions, in finding them. Some names have changed since my days as a younger artist, when I last used them. I do love the visceral qualities of the white lead, and am thinking about how this material might be used within some of my next Intuitive Paintings.

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