Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Intuitive Painting/ Drawing Continued...

Here is my 3rd Intuitive Painting/ Drawing, first with two details shown, then the painting, then an additional detail. Upon leaving the residency, I set out that my drawing and painting would inform my glasswork, but it seems here it has turned the other way around. I see my years of glasswork informing my painting with a fluid sense of line and composition, and layers of opacity, translucency and transparency.

Interestingly enough I just found an additional article on Pousette-Dart whose work initially inspired these works and this new explorative process while doing a curious research on 'transcendence', connected to the Cremaster video that Stuart showed us in Critical Theory I.

It is odd how things happen, but then there are no accidents, right?!

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  1. Nice mark making, Betti. I imagine this being a very meditative process, and it sounds as though it has led you to some insights. I'm struck with what you have to say about opacity, translucency and transparency--not to mention transcendance. Knowing your spiritual bent as I do, it seems as though you are beginning to open to the essence of what it may be that draws you to glass. Look forward to seeing you and your paintings on Friday.