Saturday, July 10, 2010

Intuitive Drawing/ Painting, 7/10/10

Here are two pics of my first new attempts with my Intuitive Drawing/ Painting strand. The one photo of the piece that is cropped is complete, I think. I am going on a Mission Trip to Philadelphia for a week, so I will decide when I come back if I should work on it some more or not. I feel like I let it get too dark. Before I went into the last layer with oil, it had a wonderful quality about it. I learned a lesson, having gotten too aggressive with it.

The other pic shows an unfinished drawing/ painting and my studio in the background, mostly set up for my glasswork, but will be a painter's studio too for awhile. I do love painting and drawing intuitively and am reading this semester a few books on art and spirituality. I love my little studio, especially in the summer, when I can really enjoy the daylight. When we first moved into this house, a Craftsmen Cottage style built in 1925, some 28 years ago, my husband enclosed the back porch which extends across the whole back of the house, for my studio.

To the left, that you cannot see, is my glass rack, sink, and shelving with supplies. To the right and back of where I am standing, is a bench/ counter that provides good working surface for works in progress.

Soon I will also be doing a lot of drawing and painting directly outdoors, so my studio will be carried on site, wherever/ whatever I settle upon, french easel, et al.

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