Monday, July 5, 2010

Ideas, Directions, Exploration:

The past few days have been ones of soul searching in reflection now of Residency 1.
I have been taking some photographs as you can see below, and I also have been sketching from direct observation. Drawings that are about an hour to 3 hours in length, primarily to get myself oriented into the discipline of drawing and painting. I see these drawings as a foundational exercise that I can spring from for more sustained works from observation.

Simultaneously today, I began my first intuitive drawing/painting inspired by the lovely exhibition I saw last week of Pousette- Dart's Predominantly White Paintings. I like the idea of working from white into white. The last time I worked with a series of intuitive drawing /painting I was using a lot of black, and the works were expressive, but very dark in spirit.

As I painted today, I started thinking about Lee Krasner and her painting at Reynolda House, Museum of American Art,
Birth. I will have to go view the painting again soon, as this kind of working evolves for me, and to investigate her works at-large for inspiration.

Since I am working with oil, I see the need to work on a few of these at a time to allow the paint to dry between layers of drawing, and painting with scumbles and glazes.

Nothing that I really want to show visually here yet, just keeping this blog as a kind of journal through these phases of departure.

I was told many times through Residency 1 by faculty and peer students, that this is the semester to explore and experiment in a search for 'my voice'. So I am pushing and pulling in varied directions and will see where it leads me.

Regarding my glass work and murrini portrait(s): I unpacked the box of glass I ordered prior to the residency and so excited to finally receive the Effetre clear sheet glass that I have been looking for, for a couple of years now. I am really excited to create a few test tiles, to gain some visual feedback, comparing and contrasting the aesthetics of fusing from the first piece created, completed and brought to the first residency.

I did some additional research on Faith Ringgold today and found a few more sources for my reading and inspiration, in addition to some aesthetic philosophy by Ayn Rand to locate.

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